Talent Management

We have extensive experience of supporting organisations with their Talent Management and High Potential Development programmes.

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We are able to:

  •  Assist you in defining what ‘high potential talent’ means for your company and help you to create a Talent Framework, Strategy and Evaluation Toolkit.
  •  Support you with individual assessments – including psychometric evaluation, interviewing and personal development planning
    Help you to create a workforce plan which will ensure that you have the appropriately skilled and qualified staff in the right business area at the right time – up to your 5 year delivery model.
  • Design, develop and deliver fast track HiPo training for your chosen cohorts to maximise their potential in a variety of senior leadership courses.
  • Ensure that you evaluate the impact of this programme for your business, boost retention and deliver a bottom line impact on profit and cost.


We are qualified to administer a variety of psychometric tests and evaluations to support this process.