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Inspirational Leadership and Coaching Programme - Asoria Group

The Asoria Group is an international recruitment company, specialising in several key technical markets. Asoria engaged BBP to design and deliver a new Inspirational Leadership and Coaching programme aimed at upskilling and developing Recruitment Managers and Senior Consultants, in the London office.

The Challenge

The Directors had identified a lack of emerging leadership as the main reason why the company could fail to hit its strategic long term goals.

Asoria wanted to work positively with all of its staff to produce a joint solution which supported individual and team development at work. They had a young management team who, whilst inexperienced, had been slightly resistant to classroom based training in the past.

This was driven by the following challenges:

  • Significant recent growth and an ambitious plan for the company to double in size by 2018.
  • The need to attract, develop and retain staff in a ruthlessly competitive market
  • The team make up – many managers were recently promoted or in their first managerial position
  • The desire to develop the Asoria culture and values whilst maintaining the need to hit
  • competitive KPIs and billing requirements – this created a potential conflict as there was limited time to invest in daily management of people due to the fast paced demands of the industry.

Our Solution

BBP researched, designed and delivered a fully interactive programme for Asoria. Instead of adopting a traditional Powerpoint based approach to this training, BBP wrote fully work based live case studies for Asoria, which allowed a much more dynamic and immersive approach for delegates. There was a truly a sense of ‘being in it together’ as the delegates are at the heart of the action and this worked as a team building exercise for the cohort as well as a valuable up–skilling intervention.

BBP training contains practical tools for delegates to use immediately back in the work place, whilst offering an opportunity to practice these skills in the safety of the training environment. Delegates met two characters who looked and sounded just like Asoria’s own staff. One character strongly in favour of some exciting changes ahead, the other much more critical. Delegates watched the situation – which was humorous and entertaining – and then interviewed the characters, asking why they behaved in certain ways. Delegates were in charge of the action to get a better outcome. We further embedded learning by giving an opportunity to test their new knowledge in ‘as close to real’ an environment as possible. We crafted scenarios based on our training topic and asked the delegates to ‘manage’ the character in front of them.

The programme involved a number of one-day training interventions on key topics, senior coaching sessions interspaced between the training days and a personal creative project to deliver at the end of the programme in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ setting to the Executive team.

This interactive and innovative approach was in line with Asoria’s vision and values and pushed the boundaries of leadership training to a new level of interaction and learning delivery – which was immediately applicable back in the workplace and pragmatic in its application.

BBP and Asoria worked together from the outset to monitor and measure ROI for the project. We were keen to deliver in excess of 125% ROI based on initial investment. Immediate measures were planned as an increase in billing rates, enhanced client care, creative expansion of the Asoria USP – and a set of individual project based targets for individual delegates.

BBP’s results in delivering this course in other, similar service organisations had delivered in excess of 400% ROI and we were keen to produce this result again.

What Happened Next...

We had amazing feedback from these sessions

The main benefits of the course can be identified as:

  • Enhanced delegate engagement during the programme – considerably more memorable than a Powerpoint presentation on leadership theory. BBP’s course has solidly received outstanding feedback from delegates as the most engaging training they have ever encountered.
  • Positive impact on bottom line statistics – KPI’s, billing rates, client engagement and retention
  • Improved motivation, morale and career pathways within the Asoria office
  • Improved people management skills – difficult conversation are handled with much better results which means less management time spent resolving these issues.

Asoria were a fantastic client to work with and we enjoyed supporting them to achieve their outstanding results.

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