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HR for Managers Programme - Coca Cola Enterprises

Coca Cola Enterprises is part of the international Coca Cola Group and the manufacturing arm of the organisation. CCE engaged BBP to design and deliver a new HR for Managers & Union Representatives course aimed at ensuring that all ‘people’ policies were commonly understood and applied by both Management and Union colleagues.

The Challenge

CCE wanted to work positively with TU’s to produce a joint solution which supported helpful conflict resolution at work.

This was driven by the following challenges:

  • More than one set of live policies/agreements which did not always agree on operational ER practice
  • A requirement to upskill all to deal with ER issues in an early and informal way to ensure that they did not escalate and require HR involvement inappropriately
  • A desire to drive down absence rates, decrease conversation from informal to formal case work and increase engagement and performance scores.

Our Solution

BBP researched, designed and delivered a fully interactive 2 day course for CCE. Instead of adopting a traditional Powerpoint based approach to this training, BBP wrote a complete work based story for CCE, including CCTV (filmed on site) which allowed a fully immersive approach for delegates. The delegates were thrown straight into the action – they had to decide if certain conduct counted as a disciplinary breach? How serious was it? Complaints and grievances are produced from all parties and then the same ‘characters’ that we saw in the film had to be interviewed.

We developed the concept of ‘real time’ and ‘training time’. In ’training time’, the course ran in a more traditional manner with time for reflection, learning and checking of hard copy policies (we pre-released this content prior to the start of the course). However, in ‘real time’ the delegates had to face the reality of the situation and interview the participants as the story unfolded in varied and complex ways – including a suspension and full hearing on day 2! ‘Trade Union Reps’ are involved throughout to allow delegates to practice dealing with Union relationships at work.

There was a truly a sense of ‘being in it together’ as the delegates were at the heart of the action and this worked as a team building exercise for the cohort as well as a valuable up–skilling intervention. The facilitators supported the delegates through this experience producing a unique blend of engagement and personal challenge.

This interactive and innovative approach was in line with CCE’s vision and values and pushed the boundaries of HR/Employment Law training to a new level of interaction and learning delivery – which was immediately applicable back in the workplace and pragmatic in its application. It is an approach based on Care which engenders Clarity and Capability for all – in line with CCE Wakefield’s vision and values.

BBP and CCE worked together from the outset to monitor and measure ROI for the project. We were keen to deliver in excess of 125% ROI based on initial investment. Immediate measures were planned as a reduction in the rate of absence and reduced conversion rates from informal to formal ER processes. We also expected to see increased employee performance and engagement and the continuation of excellent working relationships with TU colleagues.

We were under constraints of both budget and time – there is a considerable design process to be undertaken in putting together such a course to ensure that it is an exact cultural fit for the organisation and that the ‘characters’ who the delegates encounter could have walked directly off the same shop floor! We needed to research, design and deliver the pilot for the course in under 6 weeks – with a UK wide roll out planned after successful completion. Therefore, we also needed to be mindful of scalability (for example – the same actors who appear in the CCTV work with the delegates, so different versions of the filmed
element are necessary for multiple point delivery).

What Happened Next?

We are still in the early days of monitoring the impact of this programme at CCE. We are monitoring the ROI from our base line data.

The main benefits of the course can be identified as:

  • Enhanced delegate engagement during the programme – considerably more memorable than a Powerpoint presentation on HR policies. BBP’s course has been likened to ‘an episode of Eastenders’ – delegates do not want to leave at the end of the first day as they want to learn what happens next – even coming in early to start day 2!
  • Positive impact on TU relationships and managerial understanding of how to conduct these to the best benefit for the organization – which enabled common communication flow whether impacted individuals were speaking with management or union stewards.
  • Much improved clarity by managers on different sets of CCE policies and procedures and how to apply these into ER situations at work

We continue to monitor the hard line ROI measures discussed above and expect to see an increasingly positive cultural and commercial shift.

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