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Graham David

What Stops you from coaching more people, more often?

According to recent research many managers who have attended training for professional coaching, find it difficult to make the move from training to reality.
In other words, after all that work (not to mention cost) learning how to coach their colleagues they pretty soon revert back to their normal “telling” management practice.
Perhaps you understand this from your own work with some of your colleagues?

The biggest “blocker” for most new coaches is trying to recall which is the most appropriate model for individual situations.

To help anyone who would like to refresh their own coaching training – a free one hour webinar which will help you revise, recall and retain…

  • The 4 models of coaching – TGROW, CLEAR, 3 chairs model and timeline.
  • Better ways to use questioning to get employees to problem solve on their own and therefore become more self sufficient
  • The reasons why coaching is so powerful, instead of TELLING your colleagues what to do.

For anyone who has attended  coaching training in the last 6months this is a simple and time-effective way to make sure you fully understand the work.  To move from knowing HOW to coach, to feeling more confident to trying these powerful skills yourself.