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Graham David

Webinar: The Training Revolution

For some time now I’ve had this idea that training companies are charging for training content which, let’s be honest, is pretty much free everywhere on the Internet. What do I mean by that? Well even a brief search online will reveal videos, TED Talks, white papers, YouTube instructions and a whole host of content on pretty much every conceivable training topic you could think of – and quite a few you couldn’t!

All of which leaves those of us in the training community, whether we are learning and development suppliers or professionals within an organisation, with a slightly awkward question to answer… Namely what are we actually charging for?

I have to say that from our perspective the design and delivery of training has to fulfil three key criteria

  • It has to be engaging and exciting and it has to be the sort of training people queue up around the block to attend.
  • The training has to offer immediately useful skills, tools and tips to make it easier for the delegates to do their jobs back in the workplace.
  • The training has to deliver a noticeable bottom-line Return on Investment.