Conference Busters: Energise your Event!

Whats the worst work conference you ever attended? And now you’re thinking about it, how badly did it start?

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The “Usual Suspects” …

  • A slightly nervous soul from L & D introducing the day, the housekeeping, and the first of many Powerpoint slides?
  • A dire “state of the nation” speech from someone terribly senior, usually put there because even though he really is that bad, the collective wisdom is “get him out of the way”?
  • Exciting lights, an Ibiza soundtrack and then the latest in-house product video?

But who said conferences need to start that way?

In 2014 we won the CIPD award for Best Training provider with Jaguar Land Rover. In 2016 we were a Finalist in the CIPD award for Employee Engagement with Coca Cola. Both awards were given in part for the technique we offer here as Conference Busters. It has taken years to perfect and now offers you a brilliant support for your next conference. It works really well right at the beginning of your event (though we can make it work in many different ways to suit you).

The benefit of using our Conference Busters service become immediately clear once the session starts.

  • Unlike “normal” starts, this is very different, so delegates find themselves paying attention immediately.
  • Its funny, irreverent, delightful, engaging and current. Wouldn’t it be great if this is how your delegates describe the event you organise?
  • It allows us to introduce key themes of the conference in an “under the radar” way, and gain support from delegates early on in the day.
  • Fully interactive in a non-embarrassing way.  Delegates “opt in” as much or as little as they wish, and everyone feels involved.
  • Plenty of opportunity to “spoof” key people, policies or announcements.



So what happens when you use the Conference Busters service?

Imagine the start of the conference – the normal music, people arriving, finding their seats and so on …then instead of you walking on stage, your delegates hear a couple of people chatting.  It seems like normal conversation (through microphones) and as the room falls silent, two individuals appear on the stage.    

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They are dressed in the same way as your delegates (formal, casual, uniform .. whatever fits your profile) and really do look like two colleagues have wandered on stage.

Appearing not to have noticed the delegates and deep in conversation about the conference and what is coming up for the day.

Full of up to the minute jokes and comments about your top team, business and announcements – this is written specifically for your conference.

As the conversation progresses, the two characters begin to look at the key points of the day.  Still in character they offer to each other their views on what is happening, what is going to be announced and their opinions – which of course we write to reflect some of the differing views in your audience.

The scene comes to an end and delegates are wondering what happens next, as they are invited to discuss with each other their opinions and comments on what they have just seen and heard.

In other words the conference has started with humour and energy, and now delegates are actively discussing the key themes.

A great start, but its about to get better…

The two characters return and delegates are invited to ask questions, offer solutions and make any comments based on what they just saw.  The characters absolutely stay in character and this part of the session quickly becomes very funny, hugely entertaining and interactive whilst of course delegates find themselves exploring key ideas of the conference.

And finally..

The delegates are invited to watch a follow on meeting between the two characters, and this time have the opportunity to shout out changes to what happens on stage.  Their aim is to get a better outcome than previously. And the outcome is not only a real, live, very funny and engaging performance for your delegates, but a genuine and non pushy way to get some of your key messages across.

The session ends neatly and tidily and we can hand over to your next speaker, presentation or even go to break.

This approach is something we have used and developed very successfully for nearly 20 years as part of training sessions.  Its now available as a standalone for your conference or large scale event.

Its entirely self-contained and we run everything for you.  Our quick “Menu” email before the session reduces the time you need to spend briefing us, and ensures we know what we need to know! We offer a fixed price and a fast preparation and supply of this work for you.

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