Our unique style of delivery, combining live case studies with theory and practice, will ensure that the learning experience for your delegates will be both memorable and powerful.

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Blue Beetle is an award winning training company which has been working with a wide variety of private and public sector clients since 1996.

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Our unique style of delivery, combining live case studies with theory and practice, will ensure that the learning experience for your delegates will be both memorable and powerful. We provide the opportunity to genuinely engage with your employees and allow them to put theory into practice straight away in the safety of the training environment.

Our pragmatic approach to consultancy ensures we deliver real commercial value to all the business areas that we support. We have a strong customer focused ethos, with a dedicated team of Customer Relationship Managers who work closely with our clients to define, design and deliver bespoke learning interventions that fit organisational needs.

We are an ILM Approved Centre which means our work is accredited to a nationally recognised standard, and in October 2014 we won the CIPD Best Training Supplier Award for our work with Jaguar Land Rover.

We have run a huge variety of large training programmes with clients as diverse as Kier Group, Jaguar Land Rover, EON, Asda and KPMG and can work with delegates from graduates up to Board level. Currently we are in the middle of a multi-topic, modular soft skills programme delivering 12 days training throughout the UK to 14 cohorts at First Line Manager level.

Blue Beetle Mission Statement

Work Hard. Play Harder. Learn More.

This encapsulates the delegate experience on a day of Blue Beetle training. Delegates will be pushed to ‘work hard’ as a lot of tools, tips and techniques are covered in a session which moves at a brisk pace. However, training also needs to be engaging so there are multiple elements which are designed to be memorable and fun, such as energisers, live case studies and active participation. This is designed to empower delegates to ‘learn more’ than attendance at other training events – and ensure that learning is practical and immediately applicable back in the workplace.

Meet the Blue Beetle team

Graham David
Managing Director
Beth Evans
Senior Facilitator and Executive Coach
Samantha Phelps
Senor Facilitator
Paul Lumsden
Senor Facilitator
Vicki Adebola
Senior Facilitator
Melanie Dykes
Senior Facilitator
Kam Dulku
Client Relationship Manager
Paul Roff
Senior Facilitator
Angharhad Owen
Senior Facilitator

Blue Beetle Vision

To be the Best Global Training Company specialising in Live Case Study

Blue Beetle Values

Be Brave

This means breaking out-dated boundaries, challenging beliefs and daring to be different.

Be Passionate

This means working with focus and drive but also honoring our desire to be authentic, making it look effortless and giving an electric performance.

Be Elegant

This means that we will be refined, tasteful and look classical in our approach.

Be Competitive

This means that we will work with confidence and adapt and evolve to our client’s requirements. We will maintain our commercial edge.

Be Inspirational

This means that we will strive to make a difference, we will change and innovate as we go and have the courage to ‘just do it’ and motivate others to do the same.

Blue Beetle plans to embed this into the organizational culture by:

  • Ensure that everyone has a common understanding of what the values mean and are actually ‘living’ these values in the daily operation of the business .
  • Represent these values to our customers so that it becomes a key part of the Blue Beetle offer.
  • Ensure that our branding is consistent with this message
  • Check our training and consultancy offers to ensure that we bring the values into what we do.

Our Client Care

It is important to Blue Beetle to ensure high quality client services which are consistent and of an excellent standard. Therefore certain measures have been put in place to deliver and maintain this standard of client care.

Client relationship management is undertaken by the Business Development Managers and each client has a key contact who is the first point of contact, feedback and escalation for any issues and business requests. In larger clients, this role may be undertaken by more than one BDM, each with a designated area of client specialism.

Formal evaluation of service provision is undertaken on a quarterly basis whereby a meeting will be sought with the client and key performance indicators discussed. The KPI’s will have been established with the client at an early stage in the relationship and typically take the form of a Service Level Agreement, contract or less formal arrangement whereby performance can be measured.

Additionally, Blue Beetle has developed a specific document which details the expected standards of client care.

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Client Services Charter

A Client Services Charter has been developed collaboratively within Blue Beetle to detail the expected standards of customer care which will operate within all client relationships. This covers the initial contact through tendering processes and onto client relationship standards and services.

In summary, the main provisions are:

  • Behavioural expectations from Blue Beetle consultants, facilitators, actors and colleagues to ensure a friendly and efficient service which is helpful and bespoke to client needs.
  • Standards of personal attire and attitude to ensure good cultural fit with the ‘Blue Beetle way’.
  • Guidance for the scoping of new business and expansion of additional services into existing clients.
  • Escalation process if a client has an issue of concern.
  • Guidance as to evaluation (see above), KPI’s and quality control.
  • A declaration of the cultural experience that a client should expect from engaging Blue Beetle.

All new colleagues are introduced to this document as part of their Induction process and expected to abide by its standards.

Additional to the measures described above, Blue Beetle is an accredited centre of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) which allows delegates to add CPD (Continued Professional Development) points and awards to their portfolios after attendance at a course. This can be credited towards more formal managerial qualifications.

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