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Graham David

Join the Self-Sustaining Training Revolution!

If you’re planning to join us at the CIPD show on the 10th and 11th of May at Olympia it would be great to see you at our stand 732.

One of the reasons we’d love to see you there is because we are making available some free training! That’s right training which won’t cost you money! So what’s this all about?


For some time now I’ve had this idea that training companies are charging for training content which, let’s be honest, is pretty much free everywhere on the Internet. What do I mean by that? Well even a brief search online will reveal videos, TED Talks, white papers, YouTube instructions and a whole host of content on pretty much every conceivable training topic you could think of – and quite a few you couldn’t!

All of which leaves those of us in the training community, whether we are learning and development suppliers or professionals within an organisation, with a slightly awkward question to answer… Namely what are we actually charging for?

I have to say that from our perspective the design and delivery of training has to fulfil three key criteria

  • It has to be engaging and exciting and it has to be the sort of training people queue up around the block to attend.
  • The training has to offer immediately useful skills, tools and tips to make it easier for the delegates to do their jobs back in the workplace.
  • The training has to deliver a noticeable bottom-line Return on Investment.

Now these three items may not seem particularly groundbreaking but let me ask you how often do training courses with which you are involved manage to achieve all three of these areas? All too often I see training which appears to be great fun, lots of activity and engagement but from a learning perspective I have to wonder what it is I will take away from the course. Very often high-profile courses, perhaps targeted at more senior colleagues and supposedly offering real in-depth insights to character leave one asking “so what are you going to do with this back at work”? Or many of us have had the misfortune to listen to yet another trainer read us slide after slide, a trainer who is truly “male, pale and stale” stuffing as much content into a session as possible – but it’s hardly engaging. As for return on investment, I still find that far too many people (buyers and suppliers) believe that delivering measurable return on investment is just to hard, so they don’t bother even trying.

But here is the point. If your training is not delivering return on investment why are you doing it? If your training is so dull that people would rather chew off their own feet than listen to another word from the trainer why are you sending them to it? If your training is simply a feel-good exercise what earthly benefit does it offer to your organisation?

So I want to offer “Self-Sustaining training”. Training which is useful which is engaging and which adds a bottom line benefit to your organisation.

I want to offer self-sustaining training so much that I’m prepared to help you design training which fulfils the three criteria above. That’s right. If you are going to come to the show on the 10th and 11th of May stop by stand 732 and book yourself onto one of our free courses.

London 27 June
Birmingham 28 June
Manchester 29 June

Or if you want to know more about this idea why not message me? We have some free spaces and it would be great if you would like to join us. When the spaces are gone – they are gone!

I KNOW this is the kind of training you have wanted ever since you got into L&D – so want to learn how to design and deliver it yourself?

Remember, these are the ONLY free sessions I’m offering in 2017 on this topic.

The Revolution is coming! Self-sustaining training. Are you ready?